National Eye Donor Month 2013: Celebrating 30 Years of Eye Donation Awareness

This year marks the 30th annual commemoration of National Eye Donor Month. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first National Eye Donor Month, designating March as an opportunity to raise awareness of the need to donate eyes, and to recognize donors and their families and to celebrate corneal recipients. Each March a member of Congress has read a proclamation into the Congressional Record to note this special occasion.

This year, Representative Alan Nunnelee (R-MS) entered a proclamation into the House of Representatives Record, proclaiming March 2013 as National Eye Donor Month.

Below are materials that may be used to promote National Eye Donor Month during educational activities, events, donor recognition ceremonies, etc...


Educational Materials

    Courtesy of Donate Life America

National Eye Donor Month Logo

For the first time, EBAA is proud to offer a National Eye Donor Month logo (seen at the top of this page). If member eye banks are interested in using the logo on their correspondence, please contact the EBAA office. A customizable version of the logo is also available for a fee.


EBAA Public Service Announcement (PSA) featuring John Green

  • PSA - 15 seconds
  • PSA - 30 seconds

Audio Visual Aids

If you have any questions about National Eye Donor Month, or about the above materials, please contact EBAA Manager of Communications Patricia Hardy.

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