Crystal Cornea Award


Crystal Cornea Award - "For Efforts That Help Us Give The Gift of Sight"


Nationally Presented at the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA) Annual Meeting, or Other Appropriate Venue


  • Media Organizations: Electronic or Print
  • Lawmakers: National or Statewide for their efforts
  • Individuals: for their efforts to produce positive media coverage


  • Written recommendations must be submitted to EBAA
  • EBAA forwards recommendations to Executive Committee for review


Outstanding contributions through creative design, speaking, writing, publishing or airing information that advances the mission of the EBAA

Award Descriptions:

Etched Glass Cornea on a Wooden Stand

Who to Present Award:

At National: EBAA Chairman and/or President/CEO
Other Venue: An EBAA Board Member, upon request by EBAA Chair or EBAA President/CEO

To nominate someone for the Crystal Cornea Award, please email a letter describing the nominee's accomplishments to the EBAA office at or via facsimile to 202.429.6036.