Awards & Grants

Each year, the EBAA is proud to award various honors, grants and fellowships to individuals who strive to carryout and promote the EBAA mission of restoring sight worldwide. The following awards, grants and fellowships are presented by the EBAA.

R. Townley Paton Award

The Paton Award is the EBAA's highest honor for corneal physicians, and is presented annually to an ophthalmologist in recognition of his/her outstanding contribution to the EBAA's development and for exemplifying the precepts of R. Townley Paton, M.D., the father of modern eye banking and the founder of the first eye bank established in the United States.

Leonard Heise Award

The Leonard Heise Award is presented to non-medical eye bankers recognized for their outstanding devotion to the EBAA's development and for exemplifying the precepts of Leonard Heise, a major contributor to the fight against blindness and one of the EBAA's founders. This award is given at the Annual Meeting.

Gift of Sight Award

The Gift of Sight Award is presented annually to a professional who works closely with the eye banking community and has gone above and beyond the call of duty in support of eye and corneal donation. This award honors a person who has had an impact on eye banking and made an extraordinary contribution to sight restoration.

Crystal Cornea Award

The EBAA Crystal Cornea Award is presented to media organizations, lawmakers, and individuals for their efforts to produce positive media coverage of cornea donation and transplantation.

Richard Lindstrom/EBAA Research Fund

Each year, the EBAA awards scientific research grants through the Richard Lindstrom/EBAA Research Fund to provide support for proposals specifically concerned with issues directly related to eye banking and/or corneal transplantation.

EBAA Networking Grants

Two grants of $1,500.00 each may be awarded each year by the Executive Committee to promote an educational interchange of ideas between eye banks.

Mary Jane O'Neill Fellowship in International Eye Banking

The Mary Jane O'Neill Fellowship in International Eye Banking was established in 2001 in order to provide medical and technical personnel from eye banks in developing countries with the skills necessary to develop, operate, and maintain successful eye banks-ultimately, reducing blindness due to corneal disease or injury.