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2013-2014 Year in Review - Produced annually, the Year in Review highlights the association’s activities, achievements and efforts on behalf of the eye banking community, as well as new developments in eye banking techniques, donor or recipient stories, statistical reporting snapshots, and grant and award information.


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The EBAA offers the following materials and publications for order, excluding the Year in Review, which is a complimentary publication:


  • Medical Standards- Approved by the EBAA Medical Advisory Board and the American Academy of Ophthalmology, this document is a guide for eye banks to ensure strict adherence to approved medical procedures.

  • Procedures Manual- This manual is an operational guide to the Medical Standards, and establishes clinically-accepted, baseline practices for each eye banking procedure.

  • EBAA Medical Standards/Procedures Manual Request Form for International Eye Banks

  • 2014 Statistical Report- The EBAA statistical report is a compilation of information provided by EBAA member eye banks, and reflects an essentially complete picture of eye banking activity in the United States.

  • Materials

  • Packing Tape- Packing tape keeps Styrofoam eye shipping containers shut without damaging the Styrofoam when removed. There are 55 yards of tape per roll. The tape reads "Human Eye Tissue Provided by Member" and carries the EBAA logo.

  • Corneal Blindness Glasses- These glasses are a teaching tool that simulates corneal blindness. They are made of cardboard and have darkened, clouded plastic lenses. Looking through these glasses will enable the general public to empathize with those who suffer from corneal blindness.

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International Journal of Eye Banking

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The EBAA is proud to publish the International Journal of Eye Banking, a quarterly, peer-reviewed, online journal. For more information about the Journal, please visit its website at www.EyeBankingJournal.org.