About the EBAA

EBAA Vision: 2012-2015 Strategic Plan


The vision of the EBAA is the restoration of sight worldwide.


The EBAA champions the restoration of sight through core services to its members which advance donation, transplantation and research in their communities and throughout the world.


The EBAA is committed to promoting and protecting the uniqueness of eye banking through…
  • QUALITY: Serving its membership by promoting tissue safety, setting medical standards, promoting effective business practices, and providing professional development that advance our mission.
  • COLLABORATION: Supporting an environment where members work together to solve common challenges by sharing ideas and helping each other meet the needs of the communities we serve.
  • INNOVATION: Fostering expansive and creative approaches to eye banking and demonstrating dedication to continuous improvement.
  • ADVOCACY: Communicating with governmental agencies, corporate entities and stakeholders through innovative and forward-thinking exploration to advance the restoration of sight.
  • SERVICE: Honoring its members through recognition and respect for the services they provide.

Principles of Professional Conduct

The Eye Bank Association of America is committed to promoting an ethical culture within the Eye Bank community in order to better advance its Vision, to respect its Mission and to reinforce its Values. The EBAA expects all Association members and their representatives to voluntarily observe these principles for the benefit of the community and to champion the restoration of sight. An EBAA Member Bank:
  • Acts in good faith in all matters related to the recovery of donor eyes/corneas.
  • Respects the rights of donors, their families and recipients, including the right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Operates in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Achieves and maintains quality in all its services.
  • Collaborates, cooperates and communicates with other EBAA members to create a culture of mutual respect and trust.
  • Holds itself to be publicly accountable, earning and maintaining the confidence of all stakeholders.
  • Demonstrates transparency in its public and professional relationships.
  • Assumes authority to represent itself and no other.
  • Avoids actual and potential conflicts of interest.
  • Implements policies that adhere to EBAA Standards.
  • Complies with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Conducts business in a fiscally responsible manner consistent with accepted business practices.
  • Establishes itself as a non-profit organization (or its foreign equivalent).

Core Services

Setting Standards, Advocacy and Education

Medical Standards

The Eye Bank Association of America’s (EBAA) Medical Advisory Board develops standards to ensure consistently acceptable levels of quality, proficiency, and ethics in dealing with ocular tissue for transplantation and define the minimum standards of practice in the recovery, preservation, storage, and distribution of eye tissue for transplantation and research, as determined by the ophthalmological medical community. The EBAA Medical Standards are reviewed semi-annually and are endorsed by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).


The Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA) accredits facilities that provide human eye tissue for surgical use, research and ophthalmic training. The EBAA has developed extensive medical standards (MS) and procedures for procurement, preservation, storage and distribution of human eye tissue for transplantation and research, as well as an on-site inspection program to accredit eye banks. This inspection program was developed to ensure consistently acceptable evaluation of eye banks.


The Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA) provides basic technical education and opportunities for continuing education to eye bank technicians and others. Certified Eye Bank Technician (CEBT) status is awarded to technicians who meet eligibility requirements and demonstrate proficiency on a written examination as well as demonstrate proficiency in the recovery of corneoscleral rims. Recertification is required every three years to maintain the CEBT designation.


Annually, the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA) releases a Statistical Report on Eye Banking Activity. The report is a compilation of information provided to the EBAA by U.S. and International member eye banks and reflects an essentially complete picture of eye banking activity in the United States.

Advocacy/Public Affairs

As a national leader in donation and transplantation of corneal tissue, the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA) advocates on behalf our member banks and recipients worldwide to ensure that there is a safe, sufficient supply of corneas available for transplantation, research and education. The EBAA works closely with Congress and federal agencies as well as international agencies, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) to promote fair and balanced policies to promote donation and eye banking.